Overwatch Addict

Overwatch has taken over my life. I know it’s a problem. This obsession is maddening but I love it so much. The only other game I have played as much as Overwatch is Final Fantasy XIV. I don’t think I have caught up with FFXIV’s game time hours seeing that I played it when I was unemployed (literally would play all day/night). I am getting close though.

Sometimes when I shut my eyes at night to go to sleep I will see Overwatch. That part drives me crazy and makes me take a break. I think that is when you know you have been playing waaaay too much. When closing your eyes makes you see Mercy saying “Heroes Never Die,” then you know you have a problem. It’s just so addicting. I get on at 6pm and tell myself to stop playing at 7pm. Then I look at the clock and it is 9:30!! WHAT HAPPENED?! A fucking time warp, that’s what the fuck happened.

So, the next couple paragraphs are my opinions and shit of Overwatch. I might not be the best at Overwatch but I am certainly not the worst. I can guarantee that. I have seen some pretty atrocious players but I don’t hate. They are playing a game they enjoy and I respect that. I am level 204 right now (SEE! I don’t play as much as other people). People always ask “Who do you main,” but I feel like that is such a tricky question. It really depends on the team composition. I try to pick last so I pick whatever the team needs. I tend to play healer A LOT because of this so I really enjoy playing Mercy. Here is a list of my favorite heroes to play:

Offense: Tracer, Soldier
Defense: Mei, Junkrat, Torbs
Tank: D.Va (Winston was my go-to long ago but he needs some MAJOR work to be a good tank again)
Support: Mercy, Lulu, Symm

I am learning how to play (and be useful) with McCree, Sombra, Rein, and Ana right now. I enjoy playing them but I am not good with them yet. I hate, I mean HATE, Genji and Hanzo. I am so bad at both and Hanzo ALWAYS lucky one shot kills me. It drives me bonkers.

Competitive mode is not my thing. There are too many toxic players and last time I tried playing we just kept losing people which made you end up losing the match which led to losing points…ugh. It was a constant headache of failure with a few scattered wins. So I stick to quick play and arcade.

I just can’t get enough of this game. I even watch YouTube videos of awesome wins or funny fails. One might say to me “you are a loser. That is sad. Get a life” but I don’t give a fuck. I love my life. Playing Overwatch is a part of it so fuck off if you don’t like it. Overwatch addicts unit!

OK! I have babbled long enough about me and my Overwatch love. Do you love Overwatch as much as me? Who do you love to play? I want to hear and talk about this shit, so bring it on in the comments.

If you want to play a game with me (I play on the PC), let me know. I forgot the silly numbers that follow my gamertag so I can add it to the comments later.

Cheers, love!


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